Commercial - Signature Retail

Star Residences's Commercial - Signature Retail

Signature Retail

Boasting a contemporary design that befits its overall concept, Signature Retail F & B / Entertainment Hub is enveloped in a contemporary façade design. A melting pot of exquisite culinary experiences, Signature Retail F & B / Entertainment Hub will be sure to take you on a journey that heightens all your senses amidst the exclusive ambience. Encompassing a grand boulevard walkway with wide frontage that houses Malaysia's very own mini Walk of Fame, Signature Retail F & B / Entertainment Hub is bound to take your breath away.

Contemporary Facade Design

Grand Boulevard Walkway with Wide Frontage

Grand Lobby with High Ceiling up to 7.6m

Private Reception at Grand Lobby

2 Exclusive Private Lifts with High Ceiling

Grade A Space Area with 4.1m Ceiling Height

Exclusive Individual Stratified Floor Plate

Exclusive Washroom/Pantry

Rooftop Entertainment Deck